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Welcome to Whipperley Nursery

Children are at the heart of everything we do. Our Nursery offers a fantastic environment where your child can learn and play. Our Nursery is a purpose built building that boasts superb indoor and outdoor facilities, fantastic resources and most importantly dedicated, caring and friendly staff.

Please feel free to contact the nursery direct (01582 488392) or come round to the Office to speak to a member of Management with any concerns/questions you may have.

Important Information
Please can all parent/carers inform a member of their child's classroom staff of any accident/injury that has occurred outside of nursery hours, as we need to be able to monitor the well being of children during their session.  We work closely with all parent/carers to ensure the best outcomes for all the children who attend the nursery.

Thank you for visiting!

Visitor's information on entering the nursery

Teddies Room Tour...

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This is our Teddies room which is suitable for 0-2 year olds. All set out activities are age appropriate to support babies learning through play and enhance their development to the expected age milestones.

Koala room tour...

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Koala room is for age 2-3 year olds. The room is age appropriate for our children as everything set out in the room is suitable for toddlers. All the activities set out throughout the day are to support children with their learning and development through play to meet their expected age appropriate milestones.

Panda room small end tour (Session care)

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Welcome to Small area tour. This room is for age 3-5s, and it is used for session care children only e.g. AM and PM session. All the resources and equipment is age appropriate for the children. As we believe children learn through play we set out different activities for all ages and for advance children we set out challenging activities to support their learning and achieve their milestones as expected.

Panda room large end (All daycare)

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Welcome to our large end panda room. This room is used for children aged 3-5. In this room we have children who attend nursery all day e.g. 30 hours, extended hours. This room has suitable resources and equipment for all children. we set out fun, challenging and exciting activities for children as we believe children learn best through play and support them with their learning and development.

Our Outdoor area tour...

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Welcome to our Outdoor area tour, we have a large specious area for children to have fun and explore. In the outdoor area we have a sensory garden where children can dig, play in the mud, and do planting with adult support. Our children have shown interest in watering and looking after the plants. We set out different activities for children in the garden for them to learn through play.